What are anti-aging medicines? Is there any mechanism to stop aging?

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The meaning of “anti” is the opposite, and the meaning of “aging” is aging. Improving or preventing the physical symptoms of aging does not stop aging. In addition, it refers not only to the skin but also to the whole body such as the brain, blood vessels, and muscles.
Therefore, it seems that the various purposes of anti-aging are “to prevent aging” or “to slow down the speed of aging”.

What is aging?

After the age of 25, the growth speed of cells slows down and the number of dermis components(collagen) and muscles begin to decrease, so pores, sagging, fine lines, and dullness begin to stand out on the skin. Stain and dryness are also aging. In addition, not only the skin but also the internal organs,  muscles, bones, capillaries, and other whole-body aging begins, causing deterioration of internal organ functions, poor circulation, stiff shoulders, thinning hair, and other diseases. From here, anti-aging care can be tackled from daily life, so I would like to introduce the causes of the aging phenomenon and some countermeasures.

The causes of aging:

Changes in hormonal balance

There are two types of hormones that keep youth, “growth hormone” and “thyroid hormone“, which decrease with age. On the contrary, there are two types of hormones that accelerate aging, “adrenal corticosteroid “and ” thyroid stimulating hormone“, and these are increasing. Increasing or decreasing these four hormones promotes the symptoms of aging.

Reactive oxygen has the role of protecting the body by creating active oxygen when pathogenic bacteria, stress, ultraviolet rays, air pollution, etc. invade the body. But if it is made excessively, it is highly toxic and damages normal cells in the body. This causes so-called wrinkles and sagging and causes the aging phenomenon. This discovery will only extend healthy life expectancy, not the life expectancy itself. There is no doubt that aging is closely related to human death, but I don’t think that the lifespan of living things is determined by that alone, because humans have a mortality rate with age. I take it for granted, but that’s not always the case when looking at other animals. For example, turtles, young or old, have almost the same mortality rate. There are many other organisms that rarely show such an aging phenomenon, but each species has a maximum lifespan, which means that there are some factors other than aging that determine the maximum lifespan. But we don’t know what that factor is at this point.” If lifespan is not due to aging, even if aging can be completely prevented, the maximum lifespan does not change. Even so, healthy life expectancy is extended, and when you reach a certain age, you die like sleeping in good health. In a sense, it may be the ideal way to end life. As for the factors that determine lifespan, when cells divide more than a certain number of times, the telomeres at the ends of chromosomes become shorter, and the chromosomes are damaged, so the “telomeres theory” stops further cell division. There is a “coincidence theory” that it happened in the process of evolution, but there is no strong hypothesis at this time.

Medicines to stop aging

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)

This is the treatment for increasing the production of those hormones that decrease with age. If the amount of hormone secretion is optimal, youth and health can be maintained, but the amount of hormone secretion decreases with aging. Most of the aging phenomenon is due to the decrease in hormone secretion, and supplementing hormones to return to the optimum state is also effective for disease prevention and aging care. It is a treatment method that supplements hormones that have decreased due to internal use, injection, external use, etc., and keeps youth not only on the outside but also physically, mentally, and functionally, and maintains health and beauty.

PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy

In blood, there is a component called “platelets” that has the function of healing wounds. These platelets were allowed to condense activated at a high concentration, PRP contains many growth factors and has the power to promote cell growth. This power is the ” power to regenerate ” that maximizes the healing ability and tissue repair ability that human beings originally have and tries to repair damage automatically.


Stress Reduction

Today’s society faces many difficult problems such as changes in the industrial structure due to information technology, a serious recession after the burst of the bubble economy, globalization, and the arrival of a super-aging society. People are experiencing a lot of stress. Some conditions are caused by acute stress, while others are because of inappropriate lifestyle-related habits in chronic stress situations and shift to various secondary diseases. Therefore, stress management is as important from a preventive medical point of view as it is from a therapeutic medical point of view.

How to deal with stress, how stress is a very necessary condition for healthy lives. Appear the way of stress reaction effects of stress, unpleasant crisis psychological changes (anxiety, tension, depression, impatience, emotional reactions such as confusion) and the physiological responses associated with it (fatigue, malaise, headache, Palpitations, suffocation, dizziness, tremors, sweating and other autonomic symptoms) and behavioral reactions to relieve those unpleasant conditions (stressing, smoking or drinking alcohol to distract) all these reactions are closely related to lifestyles, and it is a well-known fact that inappropriate lifestyles lead to various physical illnesses.

Anti-aging and nutritional therapy

In order to keep your mind and your body healthy, diet selection is very important because your diet, digestion, and absorption is a very important factor in maintaining a healthy life. We provide you the complete nutritional guidance using careful diet plans. Holistic nutrition is to get healthy from the inside of the body by being close to each person’s environment, style, and way of thinking. We will guide you about a complete diet plan which is sufficient for you to provide enough nutrients which are essential for you to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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