What is Holistic Medicine? And Benefits of Holistic Medicines

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Holistic medicine is a medical concept that the patient understands as closely linked to the environment system whose health is affected, among others, by psychological, social, environmental, and spiritual factors. Holistic medicine is a big topic of today’s science. Its concept is that a doctor should focus on the entire patient; this school of thought said that “we focus on the whole person” or “we work holistically.”

A person is healthy when everything is in perfect order physically, mentally, and socially. If you transfer this to holistic medicine, several health levels exist in interaction with one another. According to holistic medicine, a person is only healthy if all classes balance one another.

Five levels of health according to Holistic Approach.                     

This results in a holistic approach that can be applied to many levels of health.

What are levels of health according to the Holistic Approach?

Organic level or cell level

This means the body. With the proper diet, the supply of vitamins, and other essential substances, one can contribute to health here. Vitamins, minerals, trace elements, and all organic substances and hormones are essential elements for adequate health. Bacteria and viruses cause chronic infections; Brucellosis, and Typhoid Fever. Naturopathy and nutritional supplements are very helpful to eliminate these diseases.

The Nervous- electrical control of various systems

Countless electrical impulses and charges flow through the body at all times. Electrical impulses and our nervous system control almost all the functions in our body. In holistic medicine, it is assumed that internal and external interference fields can impair this electrical flow and thus affect health. Therefore, any electromagnetic influences from outside the body are possible factors that affect our health. Taking neuropathy treatment and dietary changes are essential to treat these issues.

Mental Level- Emotional & Psychological

This is primarily about emotional and mental health. Hypnosis, Meditations, application of different psychotherapies, and family consultations are beneficial to treat. Emotional parts of injuries are healed through individual approaches.

Energetic level

How much life energy does a person have? According to the holistic approach, you can achieve sound effects here with homeopathic remedies. This is called “life energy” that can be influenced, for example, by homeopathic treatments.

Spiritual level

By expanding consciousness, doctors can release blockages. Illness is almost a collection of various causes. At some point, the patience barrel is complete, and it then overflows, and the symptoms of the disease start to develop. Healing occurs when the barrel is less full, which often requires a holistic approach. Meditation and the expansion of consciousness that goes with it can make a significant contribution to health. Holistic medicine is used by many doctors, psychologists, and dentists to differentiate themselves from conventional medicine. However, unlike other healing methods, such as naturopathy or homeopathy, there is no 100 percent clear definition of holistic medicine. However, one can determine what it is not, its benefits, and the treatments.

Basics of Holistic Medicine

Compared to the traditional medicine method, holistic medicine does not only used to treat the symptoms of an illness but they are more focused on the causes. Within all of these medical specifications, a disease is defined as a mental and organic disorder as well. Treatment of patients usually lasts until the symptoms go away. However, since the cause is not addressed, a relapse may occur after a short period of relief.

Holistic medicine starts where conventional medicine leaves off. It takes a very close look at health and disease. As an example, if your soul is affected by something, the body could become ill. Everything is evidently in constant interaction with one another.

Areas of application

Holistic medicine usually has a vast spectrum of possible uses because it looks for factors that can make a person sick and reasonable measures for the person and promote health.

The medical history of a patient is significant here. From this, particular derivations of clinical pictures and individual therapeutic measures can be designed.

A holistic approach can be worthy, to recurring everyday complaints.

Therapeutic options in Holistic Medicine

If holistic medicine concludes an interaction between body, mind, and other external factors, this should be reflected in the various forms of therapy. The main focus should be on the body as well as on the mind to heal the body.

Orthomolecular medicine

This is a therapy with substances already present in the body, such as vitamins, minerals, and other enzymes.


In the subconscious, psychological problems that can affect the body are searched for.

Herbal medicines

They serve as a supplement or as an alternative to conventional treatments.


Electric surges with minimal charges are used to stimulate the muscles. They contribute to better and faster healing of sports injuries, wounds, or nervous system diseases.

This is just a small overview of the therapy options that are available with a holistic medical approach. The offers often differ from doctor to doctor.

Holistic medicine, not homeopathy

Far too often, holistic medical approaches are equated with alternative healing methods or even homeopathy. However, holistic medicine only uses individual elements from other alternative forms of healing and brings these together with findings and measures from conventional medicine, among other things.

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