What is PRP skin wrinkle treatment? What are its benefits?

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PRP regeneration therapy is a treatment that has effects such as tightening pores, improving wrinkles, dents, and sagging, improving even skin and acne scars, and improving thinning hair. It is said that there are almost no side effects because the treatment is completed in a short time without using a scalpel, and the blood collected from one’s blood is used. The patient’s blood is collected, and high-concentration platelet-rich plasma is extracted from the blood. According to the patient’s symptoms, growth factors are added to the extracted high-concentration PRP at a unique compounding ratio. Inject this into the target site in the optimal amount based on past case experience. In addition to having a relatively long-lasting effect, it also brings out the skin‘s regenerative power.

Expected effects of PRP

By injecting PRP into the area of ​​reduced function, skin cells are activated, and various things such as dents under the eyes, sagging, wrinkles, nasolabial folds, uneven skin, improvement of acne scars, treatment of thinning hair, etc. It can be expected to affect symptoms. The shape of your face does not change suddenly because it becomes beautiful without being noticed by others.

What is PRP?

PRP is abbreviated from Platelet Rich Plasma. In other words, it is plasma (the liquid component) that contains a large number of platelets in the blood. Imagine, for example, the healing of a wound when you cut your fingers or hands or rub your feet. Often, after a while, the blood stops, the wound closes, it becomes a scab, and it returns to its original state before you know it. The power of platelets plays a significant role in this flow. Platelets have the function of stopping blood, so people with low platelets have difficulty controlling the blood and slow the healing of wounds.

Platelets also create “growth factors” that act on various parts of the body. Growth factors from these platelets can heal wounds and restore clean skin before the injury. Growth factors decrease with age, so the ability to regenerate skin aging such as wrinkles and sagging cannot keep up, and “skin aging” progresses. However, by injecting PRP, which contains a large number of platelets, the skin cells are regenerated, the symptoms are improved, and troubles and worries are resolved.


How PRP works?

  • blood collection
  • centrifugation of blood
  • separation of platelets
  • extract platelets
  • inject PRP in the affected area

Vampire facial 

This is a regenerative medicine that uses high-concentration PRP generated from your blood, mixes it with a beautiful essence, makes fine holes in the entire face that cannot be seen with the naked eye, and applies it to the skin. In addition to the natural healing power of the human body that repairs the original wound, it is an advanced treatment that effectively acts on wrinkles, sagging, acne scars, pore opening, etc., by the effect of PRP.

Difference from other injection treatments

Treatments for wrinkles include hyaluronic acid injection, botox, and PRP skin regenerative medicine, but the mechanisms for improving wrinkles are different.

Hyaluronic acid

The hyaluronic acid injection is a treatment that lifts the skin from the inside and makes wrinkles less noticeable. Since hyaluronic acid is originally a component with large particles, unnatural swelling may be noticeable when injected into thin skin areas or shallow wrinkles. Also, although it is a safe and excellent treatment method, the injected part may touch a little hard.


Botox makes wrinkles less noticeable by relaxing the muscles that have been repeatedly strained to create facial expressions.

PRP skin regenerative medicine

On the other hand, PRP skin regenerative medicine is a treatment method that promotes skin regeneration and improves wrinkles by creating the “growth factor” of platelets in the blood.

How does PRP skin regenerative medicine work?

It penetrates a wide area and has a self-repairing ability to firm collagen fibers and give a natural finish without unevenness. It is a treatment that uses ingredients extracted from your blood, not a treatment that injects a foreign substance. The feel after injection is smooth, and it is possible to treat shallow skin areas and shallow wrinkles.

Growth factors

Growth factors have the function of activating and proliferating cells. There are many types of growth factors, but platelets contain the following:


Produces collagen and hyaluronic acid that repairs tissues


Promotes, the growth of cells (epithelial cells) such as skin and mucous membranes, creates new blood vessels (angiogenesis), and heals wounds (wound healing).


Cell proliferation, creating new blood vessels (angiogenesis), restoring blood vessels (vascular repair), creating collagen.


Increases or creates new cells (epithelial cells) such as skin and mucous membranes and cells on the inner surface of epithelial cells/blood vessels (vascular endothelial cells), and promotes wound healing (wound healing).

These growth factors are ingredients that can be expected to have a rejuvenating effect on blood vessels and skin, such as healing wounds, renewing cells, and producing collagen. 

Mechanism of PRP

PRP skin regeneration therapy is a treatment method that uses the action of growth factors contained in platelets to repair tissues and enhance the ability of tissues to regenerate and heal.

Since it uses its blood, it has almost no side effects. Therefore, it is used in cosmetic dermatology and in a wide range of fields such as orthopedics, plastic surgery, and dentistry. It is a treatment method that has attracted attention in recent years.

The patient’s blood is collected, and plasma containing a large number of platelets is taken out with a dedicated device and injected into the skin. PRP is injected little by little while sticking the needle several times to a problem with the skin. The amount of blood collected is 30 ml to 32 ml, but the number of injections varies depending on the patient, so please check with your doctor.

Disadvantages of PRP

PRP skin regeneration therapy has some potential disadvantages. The effect is not immediate and varies from person to person, so it may not be effective depending on the patient’s age and physical condition. After the treatment, the skin may become red. This will settle over time. If symptoms do not improve, return to the clinic immediately. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you cannot perform the procedure.

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